Alyson Weaver and Ken Barnett receive

Outstanding Actor Awards

2009 FringeNYC Overall Excellence Awards


Time Out New York gives LA RONDE 5 Stars!!!!!

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The for LA RONDE at FringeNYC is out

and it's RAVE!

"Stunning!...director Larry Biederman has outdone himself, in a passionate, thundering, and gasp-inducing production of the play. "

"Two of the most brilliant actors around. These are dynamic, potent, nonstop, give them Tony nominations, I don't care if they don't qualify performances."

"You have three chances left to see La Ronde, I suggest you make room in your FringeNYC schedule to check it out."
Montserrat Mendez
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LA RONDE was accepted into 

The New York International Fringe Festival!

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“Under Larry Biederman's inventive direction, the disciplined and energetic cast makes it work…Weaver evokes a strong sense of sympathy for her series of women…she also excels at depicting cool manipulation.  Barnett...a talented comedian and his high physical energy adds dynamically to the show.  In each scene something new is tried to keep things fresh.”  

Director Larry Biederman creates a stylish and innovative mantle where the characters sparkle and bristle with a gamut of emotions. Alyson Weaver and Ken Barnett are exceptional in their portrayals of sexual angst…nothing short of classic…scenarios which keep the audience riveted to the story. The intimacy of the dialog creates an almost voyeuristic feeling.

If you only see a few plays a year, this should be the first on your list.” 

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“Richly mysterious sound design…Alyson Weaver and Ken Barnett certainly rise to the many challenges…one applauds the ambition it takes to completely re-think a piece…one leaves the production humming the mise-en-scène”

“Driven by two unbelievably exhausting, focused, and passionate performances! Compelling multimedia images  and ingeniously ‘mood-setting’ lighting.  All conceptually clever and innovative choices…complex and spirited performances” 

“LA RONDE takes passions, and somehow illuminates the desperate search for love each of us desire…direction shows off the great range of these two gifted actors.”  


“A fascinating theatrical experience…unprecedented adaptationimpressively specific.” 

“…you know you’re not in for your great-great-great grandfather’s La Ronde in director Larry Biederman’s stunningly conceived, designed, and executed production of the 1900 Arthur Schnitzler classic…”

“Stunningly conceived, designed, and executed production…ingenious set design, strikingly dramatic lighting…a La Ronde that is sure to be talked about…Eckert’s lighting bathes the stage...high concept times ten, the results are quite dazzling and well worth seeing…this is exciting theater… staged by a visually and stylistically innovative director” 








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