REFRIGERATOR is a 25 minute short narrative that was shot entirely on the Red One Camera in Hollywood, California.

When Michael’s glowing refrigerator starts giving him peeks at an alternate universe, he becomes consumed with it and its powerful abilities. Retreating from all he knows, including a passionate relationship and satisfying career, Michael must decide to fight the tempting pull of the mysterious refrigerator, or step through the door and find out what’s on the other side.

I constantly think about the choices I've made in my life and the effects of which have led me to where I am today. It has been both trying and therapeutic to tell a story that explores these choices along with the sting of missed opportunity. I couldn't have even wished for a more talented, passionate group of people to make this film with. It was an extraordinary effort.


From Writer and Actor Simon Sorrells
Refrigerator began with an image. That of a man staring into the glowing abyss that used to be his refrigerator. The journey it has taken from that image into a short film has mystified me. At it's core, the film is about a man with a choice. His choice is to either meet the mystery and adventure of his real life with open arms, or to live in the romanticized images of his past. Watching the expansion of a simple image into a fully realized narrative has been quite inspiring for me, as I stand in awe at the power of an idea. Along the way, we have been blessed with some of the most generous and creative minds that have enabled us to bring our idea to life. And for that I am very grateful.

From Executive Producer Alyson Weaver

When I first read REFRIGERATOR I knew I had to be a part of it somehow. Big Signature Productions was something I had wanted to start for a while and this film gave me an opportunity to get my feet wet with a project I felt passionate about from a producing standpoint and intrigued by as an artist. It’s unconventional storyline and unique approach to mystery and drama felt modern and forward. I’m always interested in finding a new way of story telling. REFRIGERATOR takes a human drama and colors it with extraordinary circumstances in a way that is both deeply thought provoking and otherworldly. It uses the short narrative form to offer the viewer a puzzle rather than a simple anecdote. With the Red One Camera and a group of very talented filmmakers I feel confident that we’ve created a film that resonates the Big Signature ideals with dazzle and intrigue.